Posted by: JBL | August 12, 2012


In addition to the usual array of excellent talks and posters at FPSAC this year, there was a presentation by Chris Berg and Christian Stump on their new combinatorial statistic finder FindStat.  It’s intended to serve as a sort of OEIS but for combinatorial statistics, i.e., integer data associated to combinatorial objects like permutations or partitions.  In fact, though, it’s potentially much more powerful: for example, if you give a statistic on permutations, it not only checks its database of permutation statistics but also pushes the statistic through various combinatorial maps (like RSK) and then checks whether the statistic arises from some statistic on other combinatorial objects (like partitions).  Like the OEIS, they solicit contributions from the community.  It’s still in a very rudimentary stage, but I think it has a lot of promise.  Or as Yan asked at the end of the presentation, “Why are you guys so awesome?”

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