Posted by: Alan Guo | July 12, 2011

New Character Unlocked: Alan

Hi everyone! I’m Alan, and I hope to contribute posts on connections between math and computer science. I majored in math and minored in CS as an undergrad, and will be a first year grad student in the computer science department at MIT in the fall. My interests on the math side include combinatorics, combinatorial games, and commutative algebra. On the computer science side, I’m interested in algorithms, complexity theory, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. The underlying theme behind my interests is the application of mathematical knowledge to do things more efficiently or prove that they’re hard to do, and as such my posts will have particular emphasis on this theme.

My underdeveloped academic homepage can be found here.

In my spare time, I devoutly follow hedonism by enjoying food, music, movies and video games.


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