Posted by: Alex Ellis | January 20, 2009

The Carnival is Coming…

On Friday, January 30th, Concrete Nonsense will host the 48th Carnival of Mathematics. So if you’ve ever wanted to be one of the carnival folk, now’s your chance: submissions are welcome! Any type of math, at any level, in any context. See the two most recent Carnivals here and here.

Here’s how it works: You post your submission in your own web space, and the Carnival links to it. That’s it. If you’re interested (or if you’re not interested but are susceptible to coercion), email us. Our email addresses are on the About Page, or you can reach me at (my last name at


  1. If there’s any other Columbia grad with a blog, you can promise to forgive a loss in Jungle Speed.

  2. There is no forgiveness in the jungle.

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