Posted by: yanzhang | April 14, 2008

About Yan


I’m Yan, currently 21 and in a life-long love-hate relationship with mathematics.

My main mathematical interests are problem-solving and connections between seemingly disparate fields. I have a sweet tooth for problems with short, elegant solutions. My main mathematical peeve is mathematical snobbery.

I strongly believe that there are two main types of value in mathematics – robust theories have depth and utility; elegant results have artistry and inspiration. While I’m wired to enjoy the latter more, I have great respect for those who partake mainly in the former, mostly because I lack the forms of intelligence and patience required to be a good theory builder.

Of course, my main weakness is talking too much when I could be doing something. So let’s do it.


In real life, Yan is a dilettante too high on “useless activities” like movies or games to become a good mathematician, but he tries. His biggest hobby is talking to strangers, so e-mail him. His personal blog is Blue Slate. Yan is currently a arbitrage strategist / researcher at a hedge fund graduate student at MIT.


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