Posted by: concretenonsense | April 13, 2008

Welcome to Concrete Nonsense

We are Alex Ellis, Sam Lewallen, and Yan Zhang, three guys who studied math together as undergrads. About a year later, now living in three different cities spread over two continents, we’ve decided to start a group math blog—welcome to Concrete Nonsense. We aren’t too sure what we’ll be writing here, but expect some real variety in style and in content between the three of us.

Each of the three of us is writing an introductory post, giving some idea what we’re interested in and what we might be writing about. Also see the blog’s about page.

And in case you were wondering, the source image for our title banner is stolen (with kind permission from Grayson Sigler, the sculptor) from this post on Tracy Sigler’s blog. We fell in love with the image at first sight. Check out his blog (especially if you are a music fan)!



  1. My first attempt at concrete-armature works excellently for your site…the web is great, yes? I stuck it unfinished in the front yard to make room for my robot-building fetish. We have some mutual interests certainly…

    Who’s up for a challenge?

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